Style Elevation Through Fashion Education

I would like to formally introduce myslelf, my name is Assyrian Velt’Larant. I am a recent graduate in Apparel Industry Management from FIDM as I am proudly standing by my school emblem as I continue to pursue an MBA. My brand champions "Style elevation through fashion education," reflecting my commitment to enriching customer experiences with top-notch designs and in-depth industry knowledge. This fusion of ongoing education and passion ensures every product is crafted with excellence and transparency, inviting you to explore the craftsmanship behind your style. Join me in elevating your style through fashion education alongside our mission and unique offerings.

Oxfords Not Brogues? Derby’s Not Oxfords? Which Is Which?

Designer Footwear

Velt’Larant Footwear

Velt’Larant Footwear

Designer Footwear by Velt’Larant 

Designer Neckwear

Velt’Larant’s collection of limited edition, hand-made, self-tie bow ties, neckties and scarves.



  • Fazia @faziarommel

    “The bowties are so versatile, you can elevate almost any outfit, and it can be worn by anyone. Who said women can’t wear Bowties?”

  • Sadia @saddiiaa

    "I really like the bowties! The fabric feels really nice and fancy, and I love that it can go with any outfit! Also neat that it’s gender, neutral👍 for my ladies that are wondering.”

  • Kiara @kiarageraldini

    “Premium quality, as always. I adore the elegant yet simplistic design.”

  • Lola @paolaxlachiva

    “Truly one of a kind brand. Everything from the bold color choices, the patterns, the textures are distinctive, yet, iconic! Bowties are making a comeback, thanks to Velt’Larant.”